Story behind GoDusty

“Several times my dog and I appeared in the dog park at Nørrebro, Copenhagen. No dogs. Aw! Copenhagen is a large city with lots of dog owners, so I wonder how many goes to the the dog park in vain, just like my dog Mille and I so often did? ” asks Dennis Kragekjær, founder and developer of the GoDusty app. Precisely there, in an empty dog park at Nørrebro, the thought of GoDusty came to light.

After several years of development and many conversations with other dog owners, he is now ready to launch GoDusty.

About GoDusty

How do you ensure that there is always a good possibility for good fun and play time when you go to the dog park? This is where GoDusty can help you and your dog.

In GoDusty, when you have registred as a user, you can very easily and quickly announce your arrival in the local dog park, e.g “Louise and Fido arrives at the dog park at 2.30”. Immediately a notification is send to other users of the same dog park, and they now knows that Fido is up for playing. Then it is just putting on your dog walker suit, grab the leash and off you go to the dog park. In addition to meeting other dog friends and finding dog parks near you, you can interact with other dog owners, chat, arrange events and use the Meet Up feature.
At last but not least you can find dog walkers and dog sitters in the GoDusty app, and if your dog decides to go on adventures for itself, you can report your missing dog in your geographical region and on social media.

In the city vs. the country side, “species loneliness”

“After many years having dogs both while living in the city and while living in the country side, it is obvious to me that there is a difference between the two scenarios”, Dennis continues.
“In the city you often do not have a garden, meaning your dog is out when you take it for a walk. In the country side, usually you have a garden where your dog can run about, and some dog owners sometimes just leaves it with that, especially after a long day at work.

Common for the two scenarios is that the dog is very much left alone. I have often used the term “species loneliness”, because I tend to believe that the dog must be very lonely, even if it is among humans.”, Dennis ends.
Precisely that thought was the reason why Dennis initially headed for the dog parks; that his dog must have felt some sort of loneliness when he and his family where out. That is why he was so disappointed when he several times ended up in an empty dog park and no one to play with.
When you live in the city and having a full time job and family, then you have a limited time for walking your dog. Then head on into the GoDusty app, check if someone already announced their arrival, or announce your arrival at the dog park, and then wait for your friends to show up at the dog park, quality time can begin.

Dogs are social

“The 3 puppies I have had, from the age of 10 weeks they have been going to dog parks, which has resulted in a very balanced dog that have learned a good dog language, and they have been calm and friendly to all kinds of dogs, Dennis tells. “It is number one important that your dog gets socialised from the beginning. Alternatively you might end up with a dog that does not know how to tackle meeting another dog”, and he continues: “GoDusty just makes life even more fun for dogs and their owner by making it very convenient to establish contact with good dog play mates. As a dog owner there is nothing more satisfying watching your dog having fun and enjoying life”.

Why the name GoDusty?

“Dusty is the name of a greek stray dog that I adopted, a so called free-spirit dog. She was like how a dog should be, loved being free, happy, loved meeting others, both humans and dogs. A very special dog, and the family was devastated when she was killed by a car”, Dennis tells.
To honour the freedom loving Dusty, Dennis decided that it was a perfect name for an app for dogs who loves freedom for playing with other dogs. “Besides if the dogs are dusty, then they have had a great time”, Dennis ends.

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