Questions and answers

There is a lot of features in GoDusty and here you can get answers to the most common questions.

Under the menu item Dog parks, you will be presented with a list of dog parks near you. If your dog park is not present there, then head om in to the map for dog parks, and tap the one you are looking for. You will then see the dog parks page, and there is a large button saying Announce my arrival.
Now put in the time you want to arrive and all the users of that dog park will be notified

Under Dog parks, find the dog park you want to add as favourite. Tap the dog park and you end up at the dog park’s page. Tap the button Add to favourites. You will now get notifications when someone else announce their arrival.

When you announce your arrival, the specific dog park will automatically be added as your favourite.

If you do not receive push notifications it can be due to several things.
The easiest way to solve this problem is to log out and log in again. This solves the issue in many cases.

Afterwards, you can head on in to Settings in GoDusty, under Notifications, try the Test notifications, and see if it works.
At the same page you can try to toggle on/off the “Play mates check in”.

If you earlier declined GoDusty to send push notification, you have to go into your phones settings app and allow GoDusty to send notifications. 

It is most probably due to you not having allowed GoDusty to get your location. You have to go into your phones settings app, privacy and turn on location for GoDusty.

No, nobody can see your current location. GoDusty uses your location to find dog parks, and dogs near you.

In GoDuty, go to Settings, then tap your profile photo, and scroll down to the bottom. There is a Delete profile button.

You might be asked to log out and log in again to be able to delete. This is for security reasons.

If you accidentally types in the wrong name or gender for your dog. Not to worry.
In GoDusty, go to Settings, and tap your dog. Then tap on the gender symbol, or the dog name, and you will be able to change it.

When you uploaded your dogs photo, Godusty tried to determine the breed automatically. But sometimes it is not the right breed. 
In GoDusty, go to Settings, and tap your dog. Then tap on the Choose breed, and you will be able to change it.

If you decide to register as dog sitter or dog walker, then to to Settings, toggle the dog walker button, and enter a text about yourself.

Go to Dog parks, and find the button Add dog park, and follow the instructions

In GoDusty, at the Home page, scroll down and find the Report missing dog button. Fill in the form, and tap publish.
Users in your area will be notified, and you can also share the missing dog report on social media.

Tap on the user/dog you want to befriend, then scroll dog and find the button Send friends request.

You can not change your name. You can write to GoDusty and we will do the change.