Unleashing Joy and Connection
GoDusty connects dogs and owners across cities

For dog owners, finding playmates and socialisation opportunities for their furry companions can be a daunting task. Countless times, Dennis Kragekjær and his dog, Mille, found themselves at the dog park in Nørrebro (Copenhagen), only to discover it empty and devoid of canine friends. This inspired Dennis to develop a solution that would address the issue of “species loneliness” and create a more enriching experience for both dogs and their owners.

Enter GoDusty, an app designed to connect dog owners and their pets, ensuring a fulfilling and playful experience at the local dog park. After several years of dedication and numerous conversations with fellow dog owners, Dennis Kragekjær is thrilled to announce the launch of GoDusty.

The concept behind GoDusty was born from Dennis’s personal experiences and insights into the emotional well-being of dogs living in the city versus the countryside. Having had dogs in both settings, he noticed a distinct difference in the socialisation opportunities available. In the city, where green spaces and gardens are scarce, dogs often rely on their owners for social interactions during walks. Conversely, in the countryside, dogs may have more space but might still feel lonely due to the limited human company throughout the day.

This phenomenon, which Dennis refers to as “species loneliness,” inspired him to head to dog parks to provide his beloved dog with opportunities to socialise and play. However, the disappointment of finding empty dog parks prompted him to create GoDusty, ensuring no dog would experience loneliness or boredom in the park again.

Socialisation is vital for dogs’ emotional well-being, as Dennis attests to from his own experience with three puppies. By regularly visiting dog parks from a young age, his dogs have grown into well-adjusted, friendly, and socially adept companions. GoDusty aims to promote this vital socialisation process by making it incredibly convenient for owners to find suitable playmates for their furry friends.

Moreover, the app also serves as a platform to locate dog walkers, dog trainers and dog sitters, making it easier for busy dog owners to ensure their pets receive the care and attention they deserve. Additionally, in case a dog goes missing, users can report their missing pets, and the app will help circulate the information within the local community and on social media.

The name GoDusty holds a sentimental value as it pays tribute to Dennis’s cherished companion, Dusty, a free-spirited Greek stray dog he once adopted. Dusty embodied the essence of a carefree and sociable dog, and her memory lives on in the app, representing a space where dogs can embrace their love for freedom and play.

With the launch of GoDusty, Dennis Kragekjær aims to foster stronger bonds between dog owners, create lasting friendships between dogs, and ultimately enrich the lives of the beloved canines. So, if you’re a dog owner seeking to provide your furry companion with endless fun and joy, download GoDusty today and watch as your dog’s life transforms into an adventure of happiness and playfulness. After all, a dusty dog is a dog that has truly had the time of its life!