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In addition to finding dog parks, you can also find playmates based on distance, age, gender, and breed. You can discover dog sitters, dog walkers, dog groomers, and dog trainers.

You can check-in at dog parks, and other users will be notified. This increases the chances of finding other dogs to play with.

You can find dog friendly restaurants and accommodations.

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Users review GoDusty

"GoDusty is a fantastic app, which is user friendly and easy to use. GoDusty app has many useful features beside from searching for dog parks or creating new dog parks”
Emil Jensen
“GoDusty is a very comprehensive app with many useful features. I especially enjoy the feature where I can arrange dog events or meetups in a dog parks at a certain time. Other dog owners can then join the meetup.”
Sofie Jensen
“After I have downloaded the GoDusty app, I have met so many new people who also happened to be dog owner. The app offers many interesting features, such as chat, arrange meetups/Events and connecting to other dog owners. My dog enjoys the GoDusty app even more than I do.”
Jeanie P.

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